We get a bit carried away at Christmas, don’t we? A chicken, stuffed into a duck, stuffed into a turkey? Come on guys. That’s three different animals. What is this, a meat babuska doll?

At FFMM, we have a different philosophy on how you should cook for Christmas. It involves choosing one meat and treating it like the luxury it is. Christmas doesn’t need to be stressful, or excessive. Plan your menu. Order something nice. Cook it with care. Serve it with love.  We don’t need a table groaning under the weight of five different roasts. Instead, choose one and make it the star.

We’ve spent some time working out how you can do this; how you can champion Christmas. And it starts with choosing one type of meat, one cut, or one style. As butchers, it’s a strange thing to be preaching for people to eat less meat. But we really do feel that way.

The meat needs to be the hero.

Meet the FFMM Fantastic Four. Superhero meat, fighting off evil villains and their own nemesis. Over the next few weeks they’ll be telling you why they are the best version of Christmas, by explaining their superpowers. Watch this space, hear them out and pick your favourite character by sharing and liking our Facebook page. If your character is the most popular by the 20th of December, you could win Christmas with him as a guest. That’s right kids, FFMM will be having a lucky draw for your meat to be sponsored by us this Christmas.

To recap:
1. Meet the superhero meats.
2. Listen to why they think they’re the best form of Christmas.
3. Choose your favourite by liking and sharing our Facebook page
4. If your character is the most popular by the 20th, hold thumbs that your name is drawn by us.
5. If it is, the chosen superhero meat is yours for free.

To place your orders for the festive season, please email orders@ffmm.co.za or call our Woodstock branch on 0813169251. To allow our blockmen time to process all of the requests, the last orders we can accept will have to be in by 3:30pm on Monday, 19th December. Please note that the last day for collection will then be Friday, 23rd December.