FFMM is constantly evolving. Constantly growing and expanding. Constantly looking for areas to improve. To do this, we need the best people. People with a passion for our brand and our business. People who want to come along for the wild ride with us. Even if there are currently no advertised roles, please feel free to send us a mail with your CV. We will keep it on record and get in touch when (and there will be a when) we are next looking for people. 


Admin Manager

FFMM is looking for someone who loves systems and hates chaos. A person who loves Excel sheets and things like “tracking codes”. This role requires organisation and communication as the two key areas of focus. We need someone to monitor orders, follow up on deliveries and generally keep our ship on the correct path. We need you to be our rudder. We need you to be a link between our various departments by showing a structured, disciplined approach to their tasks. 

To apply, send a Cover letter and your CV to orders@ffmm.co.za

 Head Chef

FFMM is looking for someone to captain the kitchen team at our new Durbanville shop. This space is an evolution for our brand, where we are featuring our first full sit down food offering. Do you love burgers? And amazing sandwiches? Do you make the perfect Caesar salad? Do you like the idea of serving beef fat donuts? Then listen up. We want someone to take ownership of the kitchen.  A knowledge of butchery and/or meat is a plus but not essential. What is essential is experience and a proven track record. We will be asking you to manage stock levels, place deliveries, rotate specials, lead a team and maintain the FFMM standard across all menu items. This role will be working in conjunction with a Senior Retail Manager within the same space. 

To apply, send a Cover letter and your CV to orders@ffmm.co.za

Retail Manager/Retail Assistants

FFMM is looking for both senior Retail managers, as well as and junior Retail Assistants. The job will require a knowledge of sales in any retail environment. The level of position on offer will be according to past sales experience of any applicant, in any retail environment. Any applicant must be a good communicator and enjoy interacting with customers. Both senior and junior roles involve a hands-on approach towards a store, with the responsibility of stocking stores and selling various items across  number of categories. A knowledge of meat/butchery is an advantage but not necessary. If you are keen and hungry to learn and show a dedication towards increasing sales, we will arm you with all the required knowledge to do so. 

To apply, send a Cover letter and your CV to orders@ffmm.co.za

Stock Controller

FFMM is looking for someone to manage stock levels within our production team. This requires a developed knowledge of systems - both managing existing ones and creating/implementing new ones. We want a person capable of streamlining wastage, managing ordering processes and liaising with various suppliers to ensure consistent levels of stock across a number of categories. Efficiency is your Holy Grail. That’s what we want. Any and all ways to make this business run as efficiently as possible. The candidate must be a organised, a strong communicator and be willing to manage teams in various categories. 

To apply, send a Cover letter and your CV to orders@ffmm.co.za