Are you awesome with communication? Do you like structure and systems and order? Are you slightly OCD? Good. We have a job for you. FFMM is hiring. This is not a new role, instead it’s replacing a long-standing and integral member of the team. In other words, we want you for the long term. It isn’t a part-time gig. The role includes tracking retail orders, wholesale orders, supplier invoicing etc. You’ll collate sales figures and work with our accountants but we’ll also use said sales figures for managerial meetings and strategy development. We want you to dig Excel sheets, sure, but we don’t want a robot. (Unless you know any robots. That would be cool, actually). We want you to understand marketing and sales and then be able to package it into relevant info. Identifying patterns and trends are as important as simply reporting them. Naturally, a love of food would help but if you don’t know your brisket from your boerewors don’t stress. We can help with that. If you’re reading this and you think you’d like to be part of a brand that continues to grow, continues to disrupt the status quo and continues to try and improve in every way then hit us up. Send a mail to - let’s chat.