As always, this year FFMM has chosen to support Heritage Day for what it is: a day to celebrate our heritage. That is the name this day deserves. Simple.

We are all South African but we have different upbringings. Different traditions. Different customs. To show how these can be best represented, we asked our staff to write a list of what dishes they would cook to best represent their unique heritage. We hoped the answers would show the diversity that makes South Africa so special. And they did.

Next, we used these as the inspiration for a Heritage Day Box. The hope is that this box shows inclusivity. The hope is that it shows elements from a wide range of cultures within South Africa. That's what makes South Africa so special.

It’s aimed at bringing people together, by inviting them to eat a meal side by side. If we can appreciate the unique background of the person next to us, we can also appreciate how food can be a sense of pride for specific traditions. 

On board? Good. So you want to know what's in there?

  • 900g Chuck neck steaks (Shisa Nyama Spice)

  • 6 X 120g Amasi and Atchar marinated chicken sosaties

  • 550g Bisto & pap boerewors

  • 1 X Jar Studio H pickled waterblommetjies

  • 6 X "oopsies" (Streaky bacon on a stick with BBQ sauce)

  • 1 kg Eureka Mills Roosterbrood flour mix (enough for 10 portions)

  • 1 bottle Quality Pickles Mebos sauce

By now you're asking three things:

  1. What the fu*k is an "oopise"? (It's streaky bacon, wrapped on a stick and dipped in BBQ sauce)

  2. Did they really put pap INSIDE a sausage (we did)

  3. How much does this cost?

The answer to number 3, is R600. It'll feed six people happily and you will be getting a taste of a bunch of different things.

Pre-order these boxes from today by mailing or stop in at any of our shops from Friday if you want to take a chance (you don't).

Heritage Day. That's what this day is called.