Last weekend saw us hosting a very successful ramen/pork workshop. Using a handsaw, a bunch of knives, a mallet, a cleaver and some good, old-fashioned elbow grease, we broke down a side of pork. Each cut was removed, identified and explained in terms of functionabilitity. In other words, we took a whole carcass and cut it up it into smaller, more manageable pieces.

We showed people how to do this, while also giving some suggestions as to what we’d recommend doing with them. Pork belly is great for a DIY bacon project but something like coppa steaks are arguably the best eating on the carcass. We wanted people to know that. So we showed them where they come from. A Boston butt is an amazing cut if you have the time to give it a dry rub and a long, low cook but we also wanted to tell people that the cut is nowhere near the animal’s butt. (It’s part of the shoulder, in fact.) Now they know.

 If the above sounds like it’s up your alley, there’s good news. We’re going to be doing more of these. Quite a few more, actually. The theme will change but the basic idea will stay the same. You’ll learn how to connect the dots between a piece of meat and the animal it came from. You’ll learn various cuts on the carcass and how best to cook them. We’ll show you how to do some home butchery and we’ll talk you through how to buy and cook meat. Provenance will be covered. Traceability will be covered. Ethics and meat-eating philosophies will be covered. We’ll show you around our headquarters and tell you the story of how a hole-in-the-wall garage grew into a full-scale, working butchery in the heart of Woodstock. We’ll also feed you and throw some booze your way. You won’t leave empty-handed either; every class involves some kind of present to take home. It’s a pretty good day out. 

The pork workshop saw us tackling ramen as we dived into the backgrounds of this soulful food. Touching on broth, noodles, seasonings and toppings, we attempted to arm the guests with the knowledge (and inspiration) to try it at home. Hopefully pig trotters look very different for them now…

The food element of each course will change - with so many eating options on a carcass, we have loads of avenues to explore together. Which brings us to the announcement of our next shop: 

Steak Appreciation

What does it involve? We’ll talk steak, that’s what. But not steak as you know it. Sure, ribeye might feature. And a thick piece of rump will probably find its way onto the cutting board. But we’re going deeper. Bavette. Spider steak. Flank. Picanha. We’ll butcher these for you - and with you, of anyone is willing - and we’ll then cook a bunch up for some tasting. We’ll demystify grass-fed beef vs. free-range vs “free range”. We’ll explain dry-aging vs wet aging vs no aging. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve met our hero farmers and hopefully with a new appreciation of what makes a good steak. 

Cost for the class is R950 per person and includes all meat and booze. It includes the butchery demo too and as many high fives as you’d like. Email to book your spot, space is limited, so don't sleep.

Date: 12th August. 
TIme: 15h00 - 17h30. 

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