Close your eyes and lean back. Picture this. It’s December and it’s warm. You’re holding a Frankie Fenner burger in one hand and a beer slushie in the other. You drink that slushie. It’s delicious. But you want something else. That’s fine…this dream takes place in a utopian butchery where there is no judgement. Someone holds your hand and leads you to a slushie machine, where they pour you something called Frosè. They tell you it’s like frozen Rosè. You drink that too. You eat your burger, wiping housemade pickles and kimchi off your handsome chin. You laugh. Someone rubs your back. You cry one tear of happiness. Life is so fantastic.

This could all be yours. We’re having a party. R160 gets you a spot. It gets you a burger and a glass of something frosty too. There’ll be a cash bar and some extra burgers if that’s your game. With our friends from Devil's Peak Brewing Company and Alphabetical Wine on board, it’s gonna be 👌.

1st of December. Hit us up on Quicket here: