Imagine this. Boxing Day. A small hangover. What fixes it? How about a grass-fed, FFMM burger patty (cooked to perfection obviously) with a nice slab of gammon hunkering over the top if it. Sounds good, right? Sounds REALLY good, in fact. We thought so too. We thought so too my peeps. But what if you bought a gammon from us and just went about eating the whole thing. What do you do then? Well, fear not. We’ve only gone and added little studs of gammon INTO A FRIGGIN’ BURGER PATTY for you. So you get the party, without the planning. Just buy the patties and cook them up. Done.


Do them in a pan. Do them on a fire. We don’t mind. The gammon is cooked already so you can still enjoy the burgers pink or even rare. Don’t be shy to slide a fried egg on there and some cheese. Hot sauce? Why not.

Price & Portioning

180g burgers in packs of 4. R172/kg

Suggested Add Ons

Xmas Bacon, Xmas Sausages, Roasting Bomb